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CBD, a bulletproof recipe for quality sleep

Is CBD a part of your daily night time ritual? If not, get ready to improve your level of sleep.

At MountVerdi we are all about quality and functionality. That is why our partners in wellness are some of the best brands out there, we carefully select our products before offering them to our marketplace because you are what we value.

So if you’re still not clear about CBD products and their use, read our FAQ page:

To learn more about CBD listen to:
Dr. Mary's The 411 on 420: Real Info on CBD Medical Cannabis podcast

Now back to our favorite topic, Sleep.

We’ve tried a few CBD products out there over the months of researching and launching our platform, and Dragonfly is one of the best. It is organically grown, the ingredients are clean and natural, it is THC free, best of all they are committed to research and the health of the planet by taking sustainable initiatives in their production process and a carbon neutral pledge.

Dragonfly is high quality CBD oil. You’ll feel relaxed at ease going off into a comfortable and natural sleep, the best part is waking up the next morning feeling nourished and refreshed so you experience your day feeling empowered by the strength of your body and the clear focus of your mind.

So why is CBD for sleep so powerful?

THC-Free CBD is a natural resource from the Hemp plant. Its effects have a positive impact on the brain, central nervous system, and connective tissue. As a byproduct the results are:

○ Relief from pain and inflammation at the root, unlike pain killers that only treat
the symptoms, taking CBD directly influences the central nervous system

○ Relaxation, you’ll feel a reduction of stress and anxiety

○ Enhances your quality of sleep

If you’re curious to experience CBD, send us a message and we can send you more
information on the product and how to order.

Our recipe for a great night sleep:


○ Turn off electronics 15 minutes before bed

○ Avoid heavy meals in the evening

○ Wind down to shift to sleep mode, create a ritual that is specific and authentic
to you

○ Choose a CBD product that supports your needs more information about our CBD
product here:

Disclaimer: This post is intended for informational purposes only and not intended to serve as professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor and your own body on what works for you.

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