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Give the gift of CBD: How to share CBD with the Family this Christmas

It’s Christmas time, and you all know what that means, right?

Family gatherings! 

Yes, it’s that time of the year when multiple guests could turn up at your house at any time, there are Quality Street and bucks fizz, and you’ll probably see a family member who you haven’t seen since last Christmas. 

Of course, this year, things will be different as we’re stuck in the middle of this horrible pandemic. But even so, at one point or another, you’ll find yourself exchanging gifts with those you love.

So, if you’re a regular CBD user, maybe you’ll want to share the gift of CBD with one of your nearest and dearest.

To avoid any conflict, it’s best to keep a few things in mind.

That’s where we come in. 

We prepared a short guide on informing your family members about anything related to CBD, and maybe even convince them to give it a try. 

Know Your Motives 

As a result of the still unresolved legal status of cannabis, many CBD users find themselves defending CBD rather than just educating people around them on the topic.

CBD falls in the gray area of legal substances, with only onemedical treatment approved by the FDA that contains CBD for treating epilepsy. Because of its legal status, scientists can’t perform many studies and struggle to discover potential CBD benefits.

So, you may find yourself in the role of a devil’s advocate but be careful. Your only goal should be to educate your family, not try to sell CBD. If you’re too expressive or pushy, they might question your motives.

As you educate your family on CBD: you can start by answering some of these questions for them: 

Is CBD Marijuana Or Not? 

First things first, you have to explainthe difference between CBD and THC. Both of these are the compounds of the plant cannabis, but there’s one crucial difference between them – THC has psychoactive properties, while CBD does not.

This means that consuming THC products can give you the ‘high’ feeling, while CBD cannot. It’s critical for your family to fully understand this part because this is where most of the misunderstanding regarding CBD happens. 

Is CBD Legal? 

In the majority of places, CBD is 100% legal. For instance, in the U.S., the 2018Farm Bill legalized CBD but under particular conditions, with the most important one being the process of derivation for the CBD. Hemp, the plant from which CBD is derived, cannot contain more than 0.3% THC.

Explain this and, if needed, and explain that CBD is legal in the U.K. and most European countries, as long as it contains 0.3% THC or less.

How Is CBD Taken?

Once you’ll tell your family about the multiple ways of consuming CBD, they might want to try it out sooner rather than later. 

CBD can be consumed as an oil, tinctures, concentrates, edibles, chocolate, gummies, practically anything. You can mix it with other food as well, so there’s complete flexibility. 

Okay, But Where Can I Get CBD? 

It’s critical for them to know that they have a wide choice - they can go to their local pharmacy store, get it there, or head to Mount Verdi for some of the most famous CBD brands and order CBD products online. If they decide to order online, they need to check out the reviews of the website and the product to be sure of the quality of the CBD products on the site.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD? 

Time to shine!  

This is the time to let them know allthe benefits CBD can offer and, hopefully, change their perception of CBD.

For example, you can mention the benefits CBD has for sleeping. If anyone of them has sleeping problems, they’ll surely listen to you. Don’t forget to mention the effect CBD has on the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties, and you can even speak about CBD’s impact on pain, including joint pain. 

Also, don’t forget to explain how CBD helps people relax and unwind. Try to educate them on how human beings already have an endocannabinoid system responsible for other biological processes - and it just so happens to work in synergy with CBD.!

Wrap Up

Christmas time is not a time to start fights with family.

But a few debates? Sure!

If, by any chance, you find yourself in the middle of a conversation about evil drugs or neo-pharma, don’t lose your temper.

Remember: it’s always better to educate your closest ones rather than fighting them.

They may have many questions about the legal status of CBD and the benefits of using CBD products. You can always point them in the direction of this blog to help further their CBD education.

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