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Resources and answers for CBD in the times of coronaViru

Resources and answers for CBD in the times of coronaViru

  • 07 April, 2020
  • Mount Verdi
“ Self-care is incredibly important and coupling high quality CBD products with light exercise, a good diet and restful sleep is a great way to stay in physical and mental shape. I would also stress that COVID-19 is not a reason to stop taking CBD if you have found something that works and being at home might actually be the ideal time to experiment with new CBD products that are entering the market.” — Dr. Ed

Neuroscientist Dr. Edward Jones is a leader and pioneer of cannabidiol products in the UK. Having developed a product that’s based on science, Dr Ed’s brand is one of the most well regulated CBD products in the market. We had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Ed on COVID19 and how CBD is relevant today, the current cannabidiol market, and the future of the brand. Knowing how to nourish your mind, body, and spirit is more important than ever, and we’re excited to bring you further clarity on how to choose CBD products that are right for you.

As a wellness leader in the current immediacy COVID19 is making us all face, how do you feel CBD industries should respond to the current pandemic and what should consumers be looking out for?

Like any business, I would like to think CBD companies would support their consumers in any way they could whether that means frequent posting, discounts or anything in that arena. As CBD is very much in the wellness space it is also encouraging to see many CBD brands focusing intently on their consumers especially with regards to mental health support and resources. Aside from the physical health issues associated with COVID-19, long-term lockdown can have numerous negative impacts to mood and mental health so anything that CBD companies can do to support that is to be commended.

However, being in the wellness space is a double-edged sword and this industry is absolutely perfect for abuse. Just some of the things I have seen and personally called out would include claims that using CBD somehow protects users from viruses like COVID-19 or that low-alcohol hand gels with a tiny bit of CBD in it will destroy the virus. Both are incredibly untrue but sadly quite common claims at the moment. Even bigger brands, which I won’t mention by name, are releasing low-quality hand gels in what I see as an attempt to ‘cash-in’ on this pandemic. Anti-bacterial products, by and large, do not work on viruses and the clue is in the name. Anti-bacterial products kill bacteria and as COVID-19 is a virus they are effectively useless for that specific purpose unless they have at least a 75% alcohol content. There is no evidence that low-alcohol, CBD-infused products work against COVID-19 and as a scientist all I care about is evidence. Worse yet, simply including the word CBD in the product name allows them to bump up the price. It’s a really poor showing by many brands but it is not all bad. There are lots of great CBD businesses out there with small local stores and devoted followers who are really doing their part to spread NHS and Government advice and keep their customers entertained and looked after.

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Regarding COVD19 how do you think your products can help?

There are certainly products that can help in the larger scheme of things both from us and others. While CBD is unlikely to help directly with COVID-19 infections there is lots of evidence in the literature that cannabinoids can be used effectively to balance mood and right now, keeping calm and focused should be at the top of everyone’s list. CALM is our best-selling oil and is a useful way to bring balance back during stressful times. We have seen a massive increase in demand for all our oils but CALM in particular. Luckily, we are in a position where production can still continue.

The take home message is that self-care is incredibly important and coupling high quality CBD products with light exercise, a good diet and restful sleep is a great way to stay in physical and mental shape. I would also stress that COVID-19 is not a reason to stop taking CBD if you have found something that works and being at home might actually be the ideal time to experiment with new CBD products that are entering the market; make sure to source these new products from reputable companies with a good understanding of the science behind CBD. A useful rule of thumb is that if a claim is made about a supplement online that seems too good to be true then it almost certainly is. Claims that X will cure Y, unless clinically proven, are simply lies designed to get you to buy. Be safe online and only deal with businesses that can give you real, no nonsense answers about their products.

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What drove you to create Dr. Ed CBD?

Dr. Ed was born out of the need to create superior CBD products. When we were in the concept stage a number of years ago and the UK CBD market was still very much in its infancy, there were very poor quality, inconsistent products on the market. My co-founder had used CBD oil to help with his mental health but was very frustrated at a lack of scientific knowledge in the sector as well inconsistencies between the bottles he bought. That inconsistency would mean sometimes the CBD oil seemed to work, sometimes it didn’t, sometimes it was dark, sometimes light; the list goes on. We have been friends for a long time and one day he called me up and said, ‘Do you know anything about cannabinoids?’, and I did. The rest is history. We aimed to fix a specific problem that he had found as a consumer namely a lack of solid understanding behind human physiology and cannabinoids and inconsistent products.

What is the future Dr. Ed CBD?

We have focused almost entirely on the UK in 2019 and the first part of this year as we are a British brand and we produce everything in Manchester. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put a halt, albeit temporarily, on exciting large retail deals so you will be able to find us in high street stores once this all blows over. We’re keeping names under wraps for now! We have also recently started to probe into Europe and the USA and have received wonderful feedback so our aim for the end of this year and into 2021 is to apply what we have learnt in the UK and take that abroad. We have a fantastic retail team who is helping us achieve this.

Any new products in the works?

Our mission to innovate is always at the forefront of what we do. We have a range of Capsules and Bath Salts releasing this month with more exciting products in the pipeline. We create everything in-house, so our research and development is costly, time consuming and intense but pays off massively in the quality of our finished products.

Can you tell us more about your current donation programs?

Since launch we have offered significant discounts to the NHS, the Armed Forces, the police and fire services, the registered disabled as well as senior citizens. These discounts fluctuate but are a minimum of 15% off and are life-time discounts so can be used repeatedly by qualifying individuals.

With the release of CALM Capsules this month, 10% of all web sale value from this product will go to MIND, a fantastic mental health charity.

As a neuroscientist working in the CBD industry what is one piece of information you feel needs to be shared more with the public with regards to CBD.

CBD isn’t a miracle cure, and brands and businesses that continue to parrot wild and unsubstantiated marketing claims will damage this industry and turn potential consumers away who could genuinely benefit from cannabinoids like CBD. There is nothing more satisfying to me than receiving an email from a consumer about how their situation has changed or how helpful our support team was. It can often be a big step for people to try CBD and made-up marketing lines and claims can lead to false expectations about what CBD can really do for people. So, what I always make clear to people is that CBD will not transform your life overnight but can be a real help in a variety of situations if used frequently and consistently. What that situation is will reflect the advice myself or my team gives – the effects of CBD can vary between individuals sometimes quite dramatically so the advice must be tailored to everyone who asks for help.

Anything else you’d like to tell our audience about your products?

We don’t jump on bandwagons or release products in a fancy box that is from a pre-made tub. We carefully consider what we want our products to do and how to deliver that in a consumer-friendly way. For our oils, that means sourcing the best raw ingredients and focusing on taste and palatability. For our cosmetic line (soon to be released) that meant working out formulas that lead to the best absorption into the skin without leaving a greasy and unappealing residue. For our capsules that meant working out the exact ratios of powdered ingredients and what ingredients to use to enhance the effect of the overall product. We spend months testing and re-working products before they are released, and that extra care is what is needed to create market leading products that innovate the space.

The world will be different after COVID19, what changes do you see coming as a neuroscientist and a businessman?

I think people, especially younger generations, will finally realize they are not invincible and paying close attention to your health, cleanliness and official advice from bodies like the NHS is an absolute must. Overall, I see an increase in demand for wellness products and supplements in general especially in the CBD space which has already started to see an uptick since lockdown was initiated 2 weeks ago in the UK. Additionally, this lockdown has shown a number of businesses that remote working is possible for the long term especially in the digital space. For example, we have been operating our facility on a skeleton crew with everyone else working from home; there were of course some headaches and we will need further adjustments, but it is perfectly doable. In fact, I have been surprised that work output appears to have increased over this period which is a bonus and although the lockdown is stressful, general spirits remain high and technology like ZOOM certainly helps teams stay in contact. Business owners who are less confident in their teams might struggle here especially if they micromanage and do not trust their employees to do sufficient work without supervision. I’ve always found that if you hire the right people just let them get on with it and you will be pleasantly surprised. I imagine lots of business will continue to operate in a semi remote/office system even after the worst of COVID-19 has passed.

To see Dr. Ed’s Products on our site visit us here:
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