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What Are Terpenes And How Do They Play A Role In Your CBD?

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Terpenes are highly aromatic compounds found in many plants from lavender to the cannabis plant that create the characteristic scent of many plants and also form the basis of many essential oils. In nature, these terpenes play a vital role in protecting plants as they can attract pollinators to some plants, but also repel predators such as insects and grazing animals. Some terpenes also help plants recover from damage and act as part of a plant’s immune system keeping away infectious germs. 


The cannabis plant contains a high amount of bioactive terpenes that can positively impact the body. The effect will vary based on the concentration of the terpenes and how a person uses it. When taking CBD, in order to experience the full effect of terpenes, it is important to choose broad or full-spectrum products that contain all of the natural ingredients in the cannabis plant.


What Type Of Terpenes Can Be Found In Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD Oils?


Although each cannabis plant varies according to the way it's grown and its manufacturer, there are 6 crucial terpenes that can be found in the cannabis plant. 


  • Pinene
  • Pinene is a naturally abundant terpene found in many forests. Pinene provides the fresh, bright scent of many plants such as rosemary, basil and pine needles. 

    This terpene can have a preventive and restorative effect on a person’s psyche and physiology. Pinene can act as a bronchodilator, allowing more air into the lungs. It also has anti-inflammatory effects, fighting against infectious germs.


  • Limonene 
  • Limonene is a common terpene that most people recognise by its scent. As its name suggests, limonene gives the peel of fruits such as lemons and oranges their citrusy smell. 

    Limonene contains the following therapeutic properties:

    • anti-inflammatory
    • antioxidant
    • antiviral
    • antidiabetic
    • anticancer

    Limonene also appears to modulate the way certain immune cells behave, which may protect the body from a range of disorders.


  • Myrcene
  • Myrcene is a terpene found in plants such as thyme, lemongrass and hops. It is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects. It can prevent the breakdown of some cartilage cells which could make it useful against conditions like osteoarthritis. 

    Studies in mice have found that myrcene has had protective effects in heart tissues and can be useful as an alternative treatment after ischemic strokes. Because of its antioxidant properties, studies in mice have also found that myrcene can help protect the brain from oxidative damage following a stroke. 


  • Linalool
  • Linalool is abundant in plants such as lavender and is responsible for the calming effect many people feel when smelling lavender. 

    Linalool can affect the body in many different ways due to its range of healing properties, including:

    • anti-inflammatory
    • antimicrobial
    • neuroprotective
    • antidepressant
    • anticancer
    • Anti-anxiety


  • Humulene
  • Humulene is a key component of plants such as ginger, clove and hops. It can have the potential to prevent allergic reactions and asthma. This could make it an impactful compound for natural asthma treatments. Some studies have also uncovered early research indicating humulene’s potential to have a protective effect in some cells that could guard against cancer. 


    1. Beta-caryophyllene

    Beta-caryophyllene is active in many herbs and vegetables such as black pepper and cloves. It is the only terpene that acts as a cannabinoid. It binds to the brain’s receptors and acts as an antioxidant. Similar to other terpenes, beta-caryophyllene may also have anti-inflammatory effects on the body that can help in reducing pain levels. This terpene could be used for analgesic effects which could be a natural alternative to treating long-term chronic pain as the body does not develop a tolerance to its effects.


    The complexities of the cannabis plant and nature continue to amaze us! If you are looking for the most organic broad and full spectrum oils in the industry, check out some of our best sellersDragonfly andErth tinctures that help the body extract the maximum benefits of this wonderful plant. 



    Disclaimer: This post is intended for informational purposes only and not intended to serve as professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor and listen to your body on what works for you.

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