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CBDfx Gummies - MENS Multivitamin (Jar of 60)
0% thc

"Have you been feeling low lately? Not been able to give you best at any time of the day? Maybe its time that you try out these magic beans, a.k.a Multi Vitamins!

Comprising of the original goodness that you get from vitamins, these health packs will give your body the boost it needs along with the missing ingredients from your diet. But here’s the catch, these gummy multivitamins come with a little CBD feature that is meant to give you the full benefits even in a small content!

Especially created to supplement your diet, these multivitamins help in your digestive issues while also giving you energy to give your best at all times if the day. On top of that, you will also have a good night’s rest! Get your hands on these multivitamins, and make the most of your day. "

How To Take CBD Oil


Fill Dropper
with CBD Oil


Place Drops Directly Under Tongue


Wait 30-60 seconds then swallow


Allow Up To 30 Minutes To Assess

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