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      MountVerdi provides you with a one-stop-shop solution for all your CBD needs – a place where you can discover the highest quality, all-natural products to support day-to-day health and wellbeing. CBD has several reported benefits and we offer products that may help with anxiety, stress, sleep issues, sports recovery and even your beauty regimens.

      We have extensively researched the CBD industry and pride ourselves in partnering with leading CBD brands from across the globe. As a leading CBD distributor, we have quickly become known as The Home of CBD, a place where you can discover the highest-quality, natural, vegan-friendly CBD products to support you in your wellness goals. We operate from a place of honesty and transparency and have a mission to continue to raise the awareness of CBD so our customers are fully aware of its reported benefits and how it may help you.

      MountVerdi was created with two clear initiatives to help people Discover CBD and Find the Balance Within. We know exactly what it’s like to feel depleted and overwhelmed, both, physically and mentally; being in an unending downward spiral. With this in mind, we have made it our mission to inspire people’s journey to improved health and wellbeing by offering a wide variety of the finest quality CBD products available, including, CBD Oil, Edibles, Capsules, Skincare and CBD Bundles.

      Because your journey to wellness is personal and not one-size-fits-all, we regularly update our product offerings, enabling you to have a great selection of CBD to choose from.

      All the products that we distribute are laboratory tested and in line with government regulations. You can rest assured that our friendly team are always at hand to assist you in discovering CBD.

      The opportunities and advantages of CBD are near enough endless, and we cannot wait to share this with you.

      Recover, Pain Management, Anxiety & Stress, Sleep & Relaxation, Inflammation, Immunity Boosting, Focus, Sport, Hair, Skincare, Bath & Body.

      Ready to find the balance?

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      Regenerate. Nourish. Heal. Transform.