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      Welcome to Mount Verdi’s home of CBD

      We are shifting our current culture’s fast-paced consumer mindset to one that is nourished and uplifted through the power of CBD health alternatives. As a lifestyle e-commerce brand at the forefront of a new category of wellness in the UK, we are bridging natural wellness and authentic lifestyle’s by offering unique, handpicked products to our community. We offer only the best, natural THC-free CBD products in a range of forms from tinctures, topical gels and creams, capsules, and more, never compromising on quality or the health of our customers. By making CBD marketplace more accessible to our community we aim to bring only the highest standards of quality, safety, and service to our customers.

      Our support team is standing by to help you on your journey to wellness so get in touch via phone, email, or chat. We want to deliver you with the best products and service in the world of CBD

      Let's get down to business

      We carefully consider every brand that works with us, and only take ones that align to our values and service offering high quality, research-based CBD products and support our ethos of a mindful mind-body-spirit nourishment. Mount Verdi is committed to offering our community authentic products that we ourselves would buy and use. This allows for our audience to trust our brand and this space in a world full of an overly saturated market. Our method allows us to provide an effective way for our partners to connect to REAL people who care about what they are offering.