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Drop CBD - Oil for Night-time Use - 30ml bottle


Our days keep us hassling through and through. There’s no denying that we are all one way or the other trekking at quite a faster rate. While all the work-load have us stressed, and the pressure of achieving all our goals keep us on our toes, peaceful sleep in the night becomes highly mandatory.

In case you have been struggling with insomnia, and nothing seems to keep you at peace, chances are the CBD Night Oils might help you cope with your sleep disorders!

MCT coconut oil, CBD Cannabidiol full spectrum extract, and Chamomile are some of the ingredients used to help you in your sleep struggles. Considering these oils are THC free, you can easily consume it a few times a day without the fear of getting intoxicated. All in all, instead of consuming excessively in the first few uses, gradually build your dosages to save yourself of any inconveniences in the future.


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