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Do you ever find yourself in dire need for a peaceful evening after a tiring day? Does the excessive work-load keep you on your toes? Caffe Latte with the right proportion of oat milk and CBD might not only have you at peace but also you might have a boost in your health.


The taste is profound, and the coffee has all the right ingredients. With the infusion of 10 mg of CBD, the gluten-free oat milk, and the Brazilian coffee, the coffee might remind you of all the different flavours. The touch of toffee, brewed in vanilla and chocolate, might cater to your mid-night sweet craving, while also making sure you get 92 kj/22k cal. Also, the Caffe Latte might be ideal for vegans, too, as it contains 0% THC making sure you don’t get intoxicated after consuming it.

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