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Not a fan of white chocolate? Belgian Hot Chocolate Flakes might exactly have what you need! Considering, not many approve of the idea of white chocolates, the producer of this range of chocolate flakes made sure they use a melange of dark chocolate and milk. Also, there’s an infusion of CBD in the flakes, that takes the taste and the health benefits to a whole new level.

The flakes contain natural vanilla flavour and cocoa, milk, cocoa butter, sugar, and Soy Lecithin. The producers have made sure there isn’t any compromise on the quality of the flakes. All in all, the CBD is sourced from the UK and might cater to the vegans too. Also, while keeping the servings of CBD subtle in the flakes, the producers have divided the 10 mg of CBD per each 25g serving, so that the cons of having excessive CBD might not affect your health.


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