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In case it is mostly cold where you live, and you find yourself shivering cold in the nights, Belgian White-Hot Chocolate Flakes might be all you need. Not only that, but the flakes might also keep you fulfilled in the mornings, too, as these could be ideal for the breakfast for those of you who enjoy the taste of chocolate and milk.

The flakes are an infusion of Belgian White chocolate and CBD – and contains all the right flavours to make your mornings and nights yummylicious and healthy. From cocoa to whole milk powder, cocoa butter, the right proportion of sugar, and Soya Lecithin – all the ingredients used might keep your health and cravings sorted. In case you are reluctant about the quantity of the flakes, consider this information: Each bag of Belgium Hot Chocolate contains 250g of chocolate flakes, enough for you to have it over a whole month.

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