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Berry Bliss

The hypnotic, soothing, and peaceful waves of flavour within the Berry Bliss CBD oil is one to be acknowledged. If you’re alone with your special someone, Berry bliss adds a seductive blend of warm and juicy berries to add tranquillity to your romantic night.

A must-have for adventurers during a long hiking trip, this CBD oil can soothe your soul to give you a relaxing feel. The best part is that it’s easier to use, with you just applying a full pipette under your tongue for 3 minutes or so, and you’re good to go.

With the soothing blend of rich natural flavours, this CBD safe and reliable for use. Not to mention the high-quality terpene-based raw materials, which means superior flavour that can boost your wellbeing.

    How To Take CBD Oil


    Fill Dropper
    with CBD Oil


    Place Drops Directly Under Tongue


    Wait 30-60 seconds then swallow


    Allow Up To 30 Minutes To Assess

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