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Bundle 02 (Hemp Tea, Hand wash, CBD Cream, CBD 5% Oil and Lip Balm)

"Who doesn’t love coffee? And when there is such a thing as CBD coffee that comes in natural, delicate flavor, there is more reason to enjoy a cup and call it a day! Made in the UK, PUREAGEN® CBD coffee beans are roasted carefully with certified organic CBD (Cannabidiol) so that you not only have the original, lovely taste of the coffee but also enables you to enjoy the full benefits of the CBD. Not only that, but this amazing CBD Coffee is also said to help you in getting a better sleep schedule!

Delicious and nutritious, this coffee comes in toffee and walnut with light citrus zest. Each 100g ground bag makes 14 servings, with each 7g coffee serving/cup containing 7mg full-spectrum CBD. You can also add more flavour with cream or milk! "


5% CBD oil – 500mg

Provided with pure natural colours, this full-spectrum CBD oil comprises of organic MCT or hempseed oil, with the boost of more than 500mg of CBD intake. The bottle is merely 10ml, but can last for 30 days, nonstop. There are no side-effects from pesticides or herbicides; hence, making it one of the best food supplements to have. However, for maximum effect, take 1 or 2 drops under your tongue and hold them there for 1 – 2 minutes before swallowing. However, you must remember to keep it out of the reach of children. Also don’t forget to shake well before use.

Flavours: • Gin & Tonic • Lemon • Natural Orange • Peppermint • Prosecco • Rose • Strawberry


"Want your lips to feel soft and unbelievably moisturised? The PUREAGEN® natural CBD lip balm is your gateway to ultimate moisturisation and super soft lips! Handmade in the UK, this unique blend fuses Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Avocado Butter prevents your lips from being dry and cracked. It also consists of Vitamins and Jojoba oil that nourishes your lips and retains their natural colour. Not to forget that the natural flavour of the lip balm helps in protecting, soothing, and replenishing your lips, bringing back their natural look!"

   How to use
• Take the required amount and apply to the affected area.
• Massage well.
• Can be used as a multi-purpose balm anywhere on the body. 


Teas Available in four delicious flavours; Camomile, Chai, Lemon and Orange, this loose 100g might just be the thing you need to cope with your stressful life. Drink your way out of depression, anxiety, and stress with this hemp tea that has been formulated to help people improve their quality of sleep when the various challenges in life are making you restless and even causing digestive problems. You can carry these disposable tea bags anywhere and make super-relaxing tea anywhere and anytime. The calming effect will slow the rushing thoughts that make it difficult for you to fall asleep at night. The hemp tea may also help you strengthen your immune system, making it easy for your body to fight diseases. If you think the hectic schedule has made you lose your appetite, this tea might just be the thing that will help you regain your appetite and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Thinking of the side effects? No dizziness, deeper sleep, and peace of mind are the possible ways this hemp tea can help you improve the quality of your life, that too, without any harmful side effects.

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