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Calm Bath Salt

What’s better than some me time after a hard and stressful day at work? A bath with some relaxing salts so its not just your body that feels relieved of all the pain, but you feel soothed to your soul too!

Dr. Ed Range’s CALM Bath Salt is designed, especially with oils and vibrant scents that let exhaustion from your body slip away! A gorgeous blend of hemp oils and soothing notes, you will feel calm, relaxed and extremely serene.

This blend comprises a range of luxurious essential oils, and plant extracts including lavender, bergamot and rosewood. Their mesmerizing scents will leave you smelling like a dream! With a 60mg of premium cannabidiol per container extracted that is carefully grown in the sunny California, not only will your muscles thank you for this glorious bath, but you’ll also go to bed stress-free!

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