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CBD Body Milk 250mg 250ml

"Need a moisturizer that not only makes your skin soft, but also replenishes it? Try the Crop CBD’s Body Milk! A luxurious formula comprising natural antioxidants and PENTAVITIN* molecules, Drop CBD’s Body Milk helps in improving your skin’s structure while also working its magic to make your skin stay hydrated and moisturized for up to 74 hours, guaranteed!

Specially formulated with vitamins and minerals, this Body Milk helps in reducing wrinkles and dark spots significantly. The lactic acid components combat skin that hangs loose, replacing it with elasticity. Infused with a pure blend of CBD oils, this body milk also makes your skin feel rejuvenated while also promoting the growth of new and healthier cells.

Don’t think twice. This Body Milk is definitely a must-have!"

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