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CBD Anti-aging eye gel 50mg 15ml (Airless packing)

"Who doesn’t dream of getting that perfect, smooth, and soft skin, just like when you were young. But ageing is cruel and replaces your glow with weariness, sheeny texture with wrinkles along with blackheads, excessive oil production, breakouts, and several other problems. But don’t worry. Drop CBD has a solution for you too!

Designed especially for all those who are tired of seeing their skin sag and hang loose, the Drop CBD Anti-Aging gel has Gatuline® Expression (Acmella oleracea extract) that works wonders in reducing wrinkles. This gel also comprises a luxurious combination of innovative active ingredients with high-quality vegetable oils that works to inhibit aging while also providing your skin a long-lasting lifting effect.

The added components of various moisturizers and antioxidants assist in deeply strengthening your skin, by absorbing water and guarantees moisturised skin for up to 74 hours! So for all those who had dreamt of having that silky soft skin once again, you can bring it back, naturally!"

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