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CBD Face cream 250mg 50ml (Airless packing)

"Soft. Smooth. Shiny. These three S’s are the keys to ideal skin. But we all know how hard it gets to take care of our skin with the busy routines and shortage of time. And this is why Drop CBD offers you everything you need in the form of magic lotion; the Drop CBD Face Cream!
A rich formula with more than 98% natural ingredients, this face cream helps in reducing signs of aging, including wrinkles, dark spots and dryness. But that’s not it, the face cream also helps in deeply moisturizing, rejuvenating and toning your skin evenly. The antioxidants in the cream combat the sagginess and assists in maintaining your skin’s elasticity. While the large amounts of minerals and Vitamins help in making your skin silkier and smoother, just like you always wanted. Not to forget that the formula promises moisturisation for up to 74 hours!"

How to use:
Take the desired amount of products in your hand.
• Apply the cream on your face in gentle circular motions until it is absorbed in the skin.
• For best results, apply in the morning and evening.

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