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CBD Face Mask - 30ml (300mg CBD)

Luxuriously rich CBD face mask. Packed with plant-based nutrients and kaolin clay to feed, nourish, calm, and detox your skin of impurities.

Our unique combination of CBD and magnolia bark extract will successfully combat acne and control sebum. These 2 ingredients are powerful anti-inflammatories and will reduce any swelling or signs of aging.

Our CBD face mask has added electrolytes of Sodium – that will freshen your face, like an energy drink for your skin.

Leaving you with silky soft, hydrated, and naturally glowing skin.

This face mask is one of a kind – it acts as a gentle exfoliant as you apply it, you will feel the gentle exfoliating effects of rose and calendula petals to lift dead skin and impurities.

Even tone and skin texture is restored.

Immediate and visible results. Skin is smoother, softer and appears more beautiful.

Let nature work its magic.



Glyceryl caprylate – 100% plant derived, multi-functional ingredient with emollient and moisturizing properties, it also works well as a co-emulsifier and offers strong antimicrobial activity.

Pentylene glycol – also a multi-functional ingredient which gives the skin a silky feeling, as well as an antimicrobial.

Magnolia officinalis bark extract – traditionally used in Chinese medicine and beauty preparations for centuries. Deep cleansing action, fights all types of pimples and acne, relieves irritated and dry skin and reduces inflammation leaving you with a clean and clear complexion. Strong antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

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