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CBD Leafline - Work out CBD bundle - 2 pack

100% Natural ~ Organic ~ Not tested on animals ~ Parabens free ~ Sulphate free ~ Made in the UK

250mg CBD Muscle Balm

Workouts are physically draining. You are not working out if you don't get yourself hurt one way or the other. While there exist innumerable oils in the market, finding one that works for you might not be as easy as it seems. If it so happens that your body aches after a workout, back to the gym bundle will soothe your pain, and using it daily might strengthen your bones.

The ingredients used are 100% organic and anti-inflammatory. From beeswax to coconut oil, eucalyptus, tea-tree inflammation, and olive – all the ingredients are chosen to keep their healing properties in mind so that if there are injuries, the oil might heal you in entirety. So, the next time you dread working out excessively, use CBD LeafLine as its healing properties will calm the inflammation in all your injuries.

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