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CBD Leafline - CBD Journey Bundle - 3 pack

1 x CBD LeafLine Peppermint Whole Plant Oil 1000mg

1 x CBD LeafLine Lemon Whole Plant Oil 500mg

1 x CBD LeafLine Natural Whole Plant Oil 250mg

The CBD Journey bundle aspires to be ideal for providing health benefits to people. The food supplement is a pack of three individual products that caters to all your taste-cravings. Peppermint, Lemon, or a natural plant, the LeafLine might cater to all your vitamin deficiencies.

In case you struggle to consume regular meals a day, chances are your health is deteriorating. The CBD health bundle might provide you all the vitamins you need while making your body healthier. While the food supplement is not ideal for children and pregnant women, it might still be quite a sound alternative for people with any health condition. Consume it every day, but before you get on with it, make sure you shake it well so that you get all the benefits from every ingredient. Lastly, instead of using it as self-medication, consider your doctor's prescription so that you don't suffer the consequences. 

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