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CBD Leafline - CBD Muscle Balm

Tiredness and aching muscles are making it difficult for you to sleep well at night or function at your fullest potential? What you need is a super-relaxing massage with this CBD muscle balm that has been created using 100% natural ingredients; olive oil, beeswax, raw coconut oil, tea tree essential oils, and eucalyptus, and broad-spectrum cannabis extract.

These ingredients work as a source of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, producing a cooling effect that may relieve you from pain and muscle aches. A soothing massage using this balm will help you get rid of an entire week’s stress.

The beeswax soothes the skin, helps in keeping it hydrated, refreshed, and perfectly healthy. While relieving you from the pain, this balm will keep your skin healthy and perfectly moisturised.

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