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CBDfx Gummies - WOMENS Multivitamin (Pouch of 8)
0% thc

A sweet and chewy way to consumer CBD? Is there something better than that? Self-care is important, and it is high time that you do something for yourself. Fueling the superwoman within you, this vegan, non-GMO, and broad-spectrum, these gummies provide you with a perfect blend of essential vitamins and minerals.

You deserve to work at your fullest potential by giving you the perfect boost that makes your mind and bodywork in perfect synchronization. The right dosage of these gummies every day might help in making your hair healthy and happy while strengthening your nails and make your mind work at its best. If you want to give your confidence a boost, these gummies will work wonder for you! 

How To Take CBD Oil


Fill Dropper
with CBD Oil


Place Drops Directly Under Tongue


Wait 30-60 seconds then swallow


Allow Up To 30 Minutes To Assess

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