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Bnatural Revive Package 2
0% thc

Beards can sometimes be quite rough and itchy. With men staying out during the day, riding their bikes, the air can make their beards dry and hard to touch. In case you want a quick solution to the dryness of your beard, Bnatural Revive Package 2 might help you sustain the lost shine you once had in your beard hair. Massage it gently every day for it to contribute to the softness of your hair. The ingredients used are a hundred per cent natural and organic with no chemicals and avoids affecting the overall texture of your hair. In case you didn’t know already, there are no scents as well, so you don’t have to worry about the strong fragrance too.

How To Take CBD Oil


Fill Dropper
with CBD Oil


Place Drops Directly Under Tongue


Wait 30-60 seconds then swallow


Allow Up To 30 Minutes To Assess

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