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Dr.Ed Rest CBD Capsules

A quality sleep rest is something all of us need regardless of variables like age, gender, background, etc. Nowadays, quality sleep is scarce, and people really prefer it over quantity. Especially, it helps when you have a tough day ahead. We have introduced our REST capsules that encounter this issue. It comes with 20mg of top-quality CBD and 50 mg L-tryptophan. It harnesses sleep hormone melatonin and reduces stress.

L-tryptophan: It is an amino acid that plays a vital role in the production of proteins, like other amino acids. It can be obtained from the daily diet. It is extremely important in activating serotonin, vitamin B3 and melatonin.
L-theanine: It is an amino acid well known for its calming effects. It is also evident through trials that it causes relaxation and reduces drowsiness. Moreover, it also potentially reduces anxiety during stressful times.

This amino acid can help in the reduction of stress in the long run and help in a more relaxing sleep.

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