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Narrow-Spectrum Oil 1000mg (11.1% CBD) 10ml

This 1000mg DragonflyCBD tincture is a uniquely formulated, narrow-spectrum oil. Unlike our broad-spectrum products, it offers CBD in filtered form, with all other Cannabinoids, terpenes and waxes reduced. This product is not made from CBD isolate. From seed to shelf Dragonfly Biosciences controls the whole process. Sourced from organically grown Cannabis Sativa L.


Using the pipette, administer oil under the tongue. Hold for 2 minutes to maximise absorption before swallowing. We recommend starting with a 3 drop serving then varying as required. Do not exceed 40 drops per day.

Cannabis Sativa L. extract, organic hemp seed oil.

Approx 200 drops per bottle

CBD Per Drop - 5mg

CBD Per Container - 1000mg

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