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Narrow-Spectrum Oil 500mg (5.6% CBD) 10ml

"Feel like calming yourself after a rough day? Or do you need something that will kick start your day and make you fresh and cheery? The Dragonfly CBD oil is the right choice for all instances!
Uniquely formulated with certified and originally grown Cannabis Sativa L. products, this CBD Oil will work its way throughout your system and making you feel relaxed and tranquil. The best part about this magic potion is that it offers CBD in the highest filtered from with other Cannabinoids, terpenes, and waxes reduced for maximum relaxation and comfort!"

How to use:
1. Administer oil under the tongue using the pipette.
2. Hold for 2 minutes to maximise absorption before swallowing.
3. Don’t exceed 80 drops per day!



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