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PUREAGEN® Gourmet Colombian CBD coffee is the best in the UK. The coffee beans have been roasted especially so that the flavour of the hemp doesn’t overpower the delicate coffee flavours. The CBD helps to reduce some of the negative side effects often associated with coffee such as insomnia.

✔️ 7g serving contains 7mg CBD
✔️ Re-sealable foil bagged for freshness.
✔️ Organic full-spectrum hemp which rich in terpenes. beta-caryophyllene, humulene and myrcene.
✔️ Made in the UK

Pureagen® Gourmet CBD coffee is efficacious in its delivery and exceptional in taste.

Buy the best CBD coffee in the UK from Pureagen®. We have infused single origin medium roasted Colombian coffee beans with certified organic Hemp  Its rich flavours include toffee, walnut with light citrus zest. It has a balanced cup. Any acidity fades to a sweeter and smooth finish.

The organically grown hemp is in terpenes. The hemp delays the stalling process and so the coffee stays fresher for longer.

Our 100g freshly ground bag makes 14 servings, with each 7g coffee serving/cup contains 7mg CBD. Try mixing our vegan MCT oil powder into coffee for an alternative to milk or cream

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