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PMS Bath Salt

Argh PMS! Cramps, mood swings, and the unbearable pain all over! GEEZ, could it get any worse?

…. Imagine getting ready for a party while you’re PMSing….

Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to get the pain off your back, LITERALLY, and we have a magic potion, especially designed to take all your pain away!

A comforting bath salt with a mixture of essential oils and soothing scents, the Dr. Ed Range’s PMS Bath Salt is made especially, so that you can pamper yourself and enjoy a luxurious bath that will not only relieve you of PMS pains, but also free your mind of stresses!

Whether you have back pains or stomach pains, drop this bath salt in warm water that comprises 60mg of premium cannabidiol extracted from specially grown Californian hemp as well as soothing essential oils and plant extracts including eucalyptus, ginger and sage. With a warm bath featuring soothing salts, you can have a pain-free day!

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