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Purifying Cleanser - 50ml

Purifying and eco-friendly cleanser for oily and ak’ne prone skin. pH balanced.

Deeply cleansing to loosen dirt trapped in blocked pores. Calming any redness or irritation. Naturally balancing the over-production of sebum which creates an oily complexion and shiny skin. Once pores have been deeply cleansed they will shrink in size.

Lemon is naturally an anti-bacterial and cleanser as well as refreshing to the skin while removing dirt from deep down in your pores. Vanilla calms and soothes any irritation.

Our eco-friendly cleansers are made from 100% plant-based (coconut and corn) surfactants which are mild enough for baby’s skin. And ultra-friendly to the environment.

Cosmos Organic Certified lemon pie cleanser will control your problematic skin. No more oily skin, no more spots. Lemon pie cream cleanser works as a dirt magnet to remove dirt and unclog blocked pores and shrink them. Non-drying and naturally anti-bacterial cleanser.

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