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PVO - Purifying CBD Moisturiser - 30ml (820mg CBD)

Purify and control CBD moisturiser to prevent breakouts, reduce oily skin and leave the skin looking matte. pH balanced.

CBD fights the formation of new breakouts and keeps them under control. Sebum production is also balanced leaving the skin free of excess oil. When the skin is free of excess oil, the pores naturally shrink in size

Nutrient-rich plant extracts and vitamin E are combined with witch hazel and melissa floral water for a luxuriously soft moisturising cream which hydrates and leaves the skin looking matte. Lemon peel extract contains enzymes which enhances clarity and glow, while Madagascan vanilla calms and leaves an exotic scent on your skin.

30ml – 820mg CBD.

Cosmos Organic Certified lemon pie CBD moisturiser for complete control over shiny and spot-prone skin. Too much shine  – here is the control. Powerfully cleansing, pore tightening and balance restoring CBD moisturiser which leaves your skin perfectly hydrated and matte all day long. Control and eliminate follicle congestion – restoring natural pore size. Vanilla bean extract from the vanillia planifolia fruit is Rich in vitamin B’s (niacin, thiamine, Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid) which is fundamental for the maintenance of healthy, good looking skin.

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