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Recovery CBD OIL

Looking for a smart recovery companion after a big game? Leave it all to the Dr. ED Recovery Oil! Designed with the best quality product, this essential oil is a magic potion for supporting post-activity recovery.
Whether you are a headstrong and dedicated regular sports player or a determined and passionate gymer who spends elaborate hours working out, this CBD oil works its charms and helps you endure the pressure and recover better.

This broad spectrum CBD oil has % THC and amino acids that support the recovery process while also helping you to gather your strength for your next big game. One amino acid that makes up this CBD oil is glutamine, an aider in various body functions, including the immune system and intestinal health. The second addition is L-arginine, another amino acid that helps in the regulation of blood pressure. Since physical exertion pushes a body past certain limits, we have added glutamine, especially for athletes like you, to help you up your game.

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