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Relief CBD Massage Oil - 50ml

CBD Massage oil for deep relief in muscles, joints and skin.

Hot oil massages with CBD increase the effect and can alleviate built-up tension and strain.

CBD in combination with hot ginger root extract, frankincense and helichrysum noticeably combat tension while the gentle fragrance from the naturally occurring terpenes also relaxes your mind.

There’s nothing better than a gentle massage to relive an aching back or stiff muscles and joints. Melt tension and soothe with our special blend of plant-based oils and extracts. Lavender to relax and soothe, while two different types of ginger extract warm the muscles, Frankincense and Helichrysum relax the mind and body with the added active ingredient Cannabidiol(CBD) from organic hemp.

185mg CBD.

Low comedogenic oils.

Organic certified. Vegan. Luxurious vegetable oils and botanical extracts.

Cosmos Organic Certified Relief CBD massage oil. Relief CBD massage oil for tense and sore muscles and joints. CBD, ginger, lavender and frankincense soothe and warm your body to encourage relaxation and restore flexibility and strength. Try as a hot oil massage for best results. Can also be used as a body oil for ultra-soft and supple skin.

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