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Rest Bath Salt

Have you been sleeping, but really not sleeping lately? Like when you are trying to cut off from the world but your brain doesn’t agree? Maybe you have been under work pressure, or general stresses have been bothering you…. And all you need is some time off from all the worries so that you can perform better!

Try taking a hot bath with Dr. Ed Range’s Rest Bath Salt. Not only will your body feel relaxed, but you will also sleep better, ergo better mornings, better focus and better days!

Designed with a combination of 60 mg of premium cannabidiol extracted from Californian-grown hemp and oils and plant extracts that include geranium, chamomile and mandarin, the Rest Bath Salt is perfect to enjoy two hours before you go to bed.

As every inch of you will start relaxing, you’ll finally find the “shut down” you have been looking for from the whole world and slip into a deep, deep sleep!

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