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Rest CBD Oil
0% thc


Sleep disorders are only increasing every day in people. While most people find it hard to work through the day because of their health-related issues, insomnia plays a significant role in your deteriorating health condition.  If you’re one of the many people struggling with unhealthy sleep patterns, consider Rest CBD oil. With zero percent of THC, the CBD oil combines relaxing terpenes and L- theanine, and tryptophan, popular for promoting healthy sleep. Also, the ingredients are vegan-friendly, organic, and are absolutely cruelty-free. Massage every day and put yourself to a relaxing sleep because chances are the oil might cater to all your unresolved sleep disorders. All in all, L-tryptophan and L-theanine in the oil enrich it with the proteins and amino acids to promote sleep without any drowsiness.

How To Take CBD Oil


Fill Dropper
with CBD Oil


Place Drops Directly Under Tongue


Wait 30-60 seconds then swallow


Allow Up To 30 Minutes To Assess

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