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Shaving Gel & Wash - 50ml

Lubricating & cooling shaving gel and face wash. Eco-friendly and organic. pH balanced.

This natural revitalising shaving gel has aloe vera to lubricate skin for a close and comfortable shave, while lavender & peppermint water sooth and refresh the sensitive skin. For the best results use in combination with our men’s aftershave CBD moisturiser.

Suitable for sensitive skin.

Close and comfortable shave.

Daily cleansing.

Organic formula.


Our eco-friendly cleansers are made from 100% plant-based (coconut and corn) surfactants which are mild enough for baby’s skin. And ultra-friendly to the environment.

Cosmos Organic Certified men’s shaving gel and wash. For an ultra-cool shaving experience with aloe vera, peppermint and lavender to lubricate, soothe and cool your skin for the most refreshing feeling you will ever experience during and after a shave. Suitable for sensitive skin.

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